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His Achievements

    james gibson with governor jeb bush
  • Supreme Court Exhibit, 2000 ~ James Gibson's first exhibit of his artwork, during Florida's infamous presidential vote recount, which brought Mr. Gibson national recognition as many politicians got a glimpse of his work for the first time.

  • First Highwaymen Book Comes Out, November
    ~ The Highwaymen: Florida's African-American Landscape Painters by Gary Moore.

  • Governor Bush's Executive Office Gallery Exhibit, 2002 ~ James Gibson's paintings are on exhibit as part of Florida Highwaymen art. Says Governor Jeb Bush, "Mr. Gibson's wonderful artwork captures Florida's unique landscape, and I am so pleased that he has allowed us to share his art with visitors to the Governor's Office. I thank him and the rest of the Highwaymen for all that they do to share the beauty of our state through their paintings."

  • Governor Jeb Bush Commissions Gibson to Paint, 2002 ~ Gibson paints multiple pieces of artwork for the governor's mansion and office. "It's rare to find paintings that capture landscapes so vividly," says Governor Jeb Bush.
    estelle dunn, first lady laura bush and james gibson
  • White House Christmas Tree Ornament - 2002 ~ First Lady Laura Bush commissions Mr. Gibson, along with four other Florida artists, to paint ornaments of birds for the White House Christmas tree. Mr. Gibson asks Mrs. Bush if he can paint an 8x10 rather than an ornament so his artwork can be enjoyed throughout the year. Laura Bush calls James Gibson personally to tell him she would be delighted with an 8x10 painting rather than an ornament.

  • Spielberg's "Catch Me If You Can" Movie, 2002 ~ Two of Mr. Gibson's paintings are featured in this Steven Spielberg film; Spielberg is a big fan of James Gibson's art.

  • People Magazine "Brush with Fame" Article, 2003 ~ Mr. Gibson is the only Highwaymen to interview for this article about the Florida Highwaymen, bringing him recognition as an artist.james gibson - FL hall of fame award

  • Induction into the Florida Artist's Hall of Fame, 2004 ~ Governor Jeb Bush and other dignitaries honor Mr. Gibson along with other Highwaymen for their work depicting the Florida landscape.

  • Ambassador of the Arts - June 2005 ~ Florida First Lady, Columba Bush, in collaboration with the not-for-profit organization, "Arts for a Complete Education/Florida Alliance for the Arts," awards Mr. Gibson a medallion proclaiming him Florida "Ambassador to the Arts." James Gibson meets the First Lady of Japan during the awards ceremony and he presents her with one of his paintings. Gibson serves as "Ambassador of the Arts 2005," traveling the state with First Lady Columba Bush to promote education of the arts and donate paintings as part of an exchange with Japan.

  • James Gibson Day, June 20, 2005 ~ Declared in Saint Lucie County, Florida.

  • Second Highwaymen Book Comes Out, 2005 ~ Florida's Highwaymen: Legendary Landscapes by Bob Beatty.

  • Mr. Gibson in Florida FCAT Elementary Book, 2006 ~ The Florida FCAT features James Gibson in the Reading Support for Social Studies, Reading Biographies Lesson on "Character Trait: Cooperation," demonstrating his cooperation with the Florida Highwaymen group of artists. james gibson accepting cultural affairs arts recognition award

  • Florida Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs Arts Recognition Award, 2007 ~ In acknowledgment of Gibson's talent and contributions to his community and to further arts education throughout the state. In addition, Gibson creates an original painting for Florida Heritage Month 2007, titled, "Road Less Traveled."

  • Southern Living Magazine, 2007 ~ James Gibson is feature #17 in the article, "40 Reasons We Love Florida."

  • James Gibson Day, April 4th, 2007 ~ Declared in the City of Fort Pierce, Florida.

    james gibson with governor charlie crist
  • James Gibson and Shaquille O'Neal, July 2007 ~ Governor Charlie Crist requests James Gibson to meet with Shaquille O'Neal; Gibson's paintings feature in Shaq's Show - Shaq's Big Challenge to challenge kids to loose weight, get in shape, and stay physically fit.

  • Governor Charlie Crist Commissions Gibson to Paint, February, 2008 ~ Gibson paints a special painting for the Governor's Mansion. The painting is one of Mr. Gibson's largest - 48"x60."

  • Feaured Artist of the Month, February 2008 ~ For Florida's Black History Month celebration with Governor Crist.

  • Art Exhibit at the Florida House in Washington, D.C., May 2008 ~ Along with Mary Ann Carroll, Mr. Gibson is a special guest for the opening of a six-month exhibit.

  • Representative Tim Mahoney and Mr. Gibson, May 2008 ~ Awards presented to local art students. Mr. Gibson, along with fellow Highwaymen, Roy McClendon, Sr. judge the artwork of hundreds of local art students.

  • Governor Crist Designates Gibson as Board Member , June 2008 ~ Governor Charlie Crist names James Gibson as a Board of Directors member of The Citizen's for Florida Arts, Inc. to serve a two-year term from June 6, 2008 to June 6, 2010.

  • Christmas card, December 2008 ~ Florida Governor Charlie Crist uses Mr. Gibson's Nightscape 1" for his Christmas card.

  • Volunteer USA Foundation and the Family Literacy Initiative, Celebration of Reading, February 2010 ~ Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, his wife Columba and his parents, the Former President George Bush and his wife Barbara, accept a painting from Mr. Gibson. The proceeds from the sale of it will benefit the Family Literacy Initiave. The painting incorporates a quote from family literacy champion Barbara Bush … “Reading opens the world to me and keeps me open to the world.”

  • The Everglades Handbook, March 2010 ~ Mr. Gibson's painting of a pine flatwoods is used in Dr. Thomas E. Lodge's book "The Everglades Handbook-Understanding the Ecosystem."

His Patrons

  • Mr. Gibson is very proud that two of his paintings were given by a patron to the then President Lyndon Johnson and Vice President Hubert Humphrey. Mr. Gibson still has the letter dated May 24, 1967, in which Humphreys writes, "I feel the artist has real talent, and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the paintings and how grateful I am to you for wanting me to have it."

  • Of defense attorney Johnny Cochran, Gibson says, "At first, I thought he was kidding about wanting my painting. But he bought it. I was thrilled."

  • Jim Moran has bought many of Gibson's paintings and several adorn his Florida yacht.

  • Wayne Huizenga owns several of Gibson's paintings.

  • Gladys Knight owns several of Gibson's paintings.



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