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His Contributions

"Even though James has found success, he has not forgotten community," says Joi Gardner of Fort Pierce. Gibson is involved with many groups in the Fort Pierce area, including Helping People Succeed, Children's Home Society, Florida Youth Ranches, as well as local churches and other organizations. "In this world of materialism and the almighty dollar, it is indeed a rare and compassionate artist who so willingly shares of his time and talent," says Judith Warren of the Children's Home Society.

james gibson teaching children to paint

  • Children's Home Society "Kids Love Art Auction" and Summer Art Camp ~ Mr. Gibson donates two paintings for auction at this annual event to help support the society. As part of this event, Mr. Gibson goes to Florida Atlantic University in Fort Pierce and teaches children how to paint for two days. The children paint two paintings - one that they can keep and one to be auctioned for fund raising. "Many of the kids don't have anything to look forward to. I help them create goals for themselves. Just by finding out what their favorite color is, we can learn about the child. We give them positive reinforcement and help them gain some self esteem," says Gibson.

  • Saint Anastasia's Annual "A Night for the Children" Auction and Dinner Dance ~ In the last six years, James Gibson has donated a painting to help support Saint Anastasia's mission to help support the tuition and funds needed to keep the school running to provide children with the best education possible.
    artist james gibson donating to gifford youth
  • Gifford Youth Activity Center "Highwaymen Art Auction & Sale" ~ Several Highwaymen painters participate in this annual event to raise funds for the Town of Gifford's Youth program, the Highwaymen artists each donating a painting to be auctioned.

  • The Mental Health Association of Indian River County's "Turtle Trax" (Overcoming Hurdles with Turtles) ~ Is an imaginative platform that captures the attention of the entire community and fosters environmental awareness. James Gibson along with other area artists, painted turtle sculptures reflecting unique themes. Naturally, Mr. Gibson painted a beautiful Florida landscape, complete with palms and the vibrant colors for which he is known.

  • Cultural Affairs Scholarship ~ Mr. Gibson donates a painting to raise funds for the scholarship and serves on the Board of Directors for Cultural Affairs. james gibson - florida sheriffs youth ranch plaque

  • Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches ~ For five years, James Gibson has donated his artwork to benefit the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches, a statewide network of residential child care facilities. The youth ranch program mentors youths to be responsible, have a strong work ethic, and know the value of a good education. Says Gibson, "When I started painting, I didn't have no one to help me, so I try to help the kids so they succeed to the fullest…some kids get in the wrong direction, and the Youth Ranches stabilizes them to go the right way."

  • Helping People Succeed Calendar ~ Mr. Gibson's artwork has been featured in the "Art for Living" calendar for the past five years. Helping People Succeed (HPS) is a community-based education and training program for citizens of Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River and Okeechobee counties. The program provides services to enhance quality of life and independence. HPS helps improve the community's economic viability and diversity through programs that help children become ready for school and assist adults in finding and maintaining employment.

  • Weed and Seed ~ Mr. Gibson participates in the summer youth instructional forum as a one-on-one personal tutor who instructs youth who want to learn about art. Weed and Seed is a federal strategy, rather than a grant program, that aims to weed out crime through arrests and plant seeds of crime prevention among our youth in their neighborhoods across the country. james gibson t-shirt signing

  • Town of Windermere 5K Race Among the Lakes ~ James Gibson contributed to the 2008 annual 5K race to benefit Windermere Parks and Recreation. Each runner received a collector edition t-shirt featuring Florida Highwayman James Gibson and one of his paintings.

  • Opening Doors to Your Loved Ones ~ For the Alzheimer's Community Care Luncheon and Auction, Mr. Gibson painted a beautiful Florida landscape on a door for auction.

  • Gardner Scholarship Fund ~ Every year Mr. Gibson donates a painting to raise funds for the scholarship program.

  • Wayne University, Detroit, Michigan ~ Mr. Gibson visits the university each year to teach senior students how to paint and to encourage them to do express themselves throughout their lives.



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